The Trek God Has For You Is Not Always An Easy One

In Confessions, Steve Hinton is just a regular guy struggling with issues of faith like the rest of us.
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The Trek God Has For You Is Not Always An Easy One

In Confessions, Steve Hinton is just a regular guy struggling with issues of faith like the rest of us.
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Through humor and real-life stories of pain, Steve Hinton looks honestly at tough questions about God, self, and life. While some of these questions might seem shocking coming from a preacher, they are the questions that many of us ask late at night when the lights are out. Confessions is a book for:

  • Those who have honest doubts about God’s goodness and love
  • Those seeking to know their true identity in a world of mixed messages about humanity, God, and themselves
  • Those who have faced years of unanswered prayer
  • Those trying to make sense of a broken life and feelings of an absent God

It is Steve’s desire that by walking through these pages, you will discover the love of Christ at a deeper level. Come along on the journey of Confessions and uncover a renewed hope for your life.

Steve Hinton

It is obvious that he has not only been through the trenches but understands the kingdom of God on a level that few do, but many long to.

Laura MullenixFounder of Bethnuah Ministries, Author of The Long Way Home

When a pastor or Christian leader gets real—giving us glimpses behind the clerical covering into their real humanity—well, then grace roars like a hurricane.

Michael John CusickAuthor of Surfing for God, CEO of Restoring the Soul

What may seem like a window into the heart of a pastor will quickly become one into your own soul.

Rusty GeorgeLead Pastor, Real Life Church, Valencia, California, Author of "Better Together"

One of the most engaging qualities of Steve Hinton's story and storytelling ability is his capacity for using everyday talk to communicate grand truths.

Dr. J.K. JonesDirector of Spiritual Formation, Lincoln Christian Seminary Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Eastview Christian Church, Normal, Illinois

Steve Hinton

Steve Hinton has been in full-time Christian ministry for nearly 25 years. He has served as a missionary in Russia, a church planter in California, and a preaching minister for two local Christian churches in Indiana and Houston. Steve is a graduate of Ozark Christian College with Bachelor of Biblical Literature and Bachelor of Theology degrees. He received his Master of Practical Ministries from Cincinnati Christian Seminary. He continues to engage in world evangelism.

Steve is also just a regular guy who has struggled with issues of faith like the rest of us. In his book, he has shed the religious mask and connected real life and real faith. He has been married to Debi for 27 years, and they have four children. Steve enjoys God’s creation and likes to tell people that one of the windows in his mansion in heaven will look out onto a new Lake Tahoe. Steve regularly blogs and includes weekly videos on his website.

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